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Educational Field Programs

Our programs are conducted at a site chosen by the sponsor and are normally 3 hours long. When facilities permit, the first hour is indoors learning to identify animal tracks and sign, and discussing animal behavior. Then we go outside to explore your area to see what animals are present.

Programs are intended for adults and families. Programs for children can be arranged.
Some walking is off trail so participants are encouraged to wear clothing and boots appropriate to the weather conditions.
Maximum group size is dependent on staff support available, but is normally 15 people.

New England Discovery offers educational field programs in animal tracking and behavior, wetlands exploration and habitat diversity to groups, schools and environmental organizations.  Scroll down to browse the programs we offer!

Moose Tracks
Introduction to Animal Tracking

Identifying Animal Tracks and Sign: Tracking can be a very powerful way to learn about nature while seeing first hand some of the many connections between animals and their environment.  Join us in learning to interpret the clues animals leave, giving signs of their presence.

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White-tailed Deer
Tracking White-tailed Deer

Although White-tails are abundant throughout much of New England, they are also very elusive.  Get a glimpse into their lives by learning to read the signs of their activities


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Beaver Dam
Tracks and Sign of Aquatic Mammals

Beaver, muskrat, mink and river otter inhabit many of the ponds, rivers and streams of New England.  Once you know what to look for, you may be surprised at how often you find their tracks and sign.

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Tracking the Predators

Coyote, fisher, fox and even bobcat roam the landscape of New England. Although the animals themselves are seldom seen, winter is the time when the evidence of their presence is most easily noticed.

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Otter Tracks in Snow
Tracking Weasels in Winter

The weasel family is represented locally by a very diverse group of mammals. Ermine, long-tailed weasel, mink, fisher and river otter are all weasels that hunt the winter landscape.  Learn to identify the various tracks and sign left by these fascinating animals.

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Tracking Moose, Bear, Porcupine and Snowshoe Hare

Although these animals are common in many parts of New England, they are only occasional visitors and seldom seen in other areas. Learn about their behavior and habitat preferences, as well as how to identify the track and sign clues they leave that tell us about their presence. These clues can change with the season and terrain.  Once you know what to look for, you might discover that a new visitor has been out exploring in your area!

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Fisher Track
Identifying Animal Tracks and Sign

This seminar is designed for teachers and naturalists who would like to use the skills of reading animal tracks and sign in their outdoor teaching.

Learning to track allows us to see first hand some of the many connections between animals and their environment. Fascinating stories unfold as we follow the trail of a wild animal and observe its daily activities and behavior.

The program is taught at your facility in two separate 4-hour sessions and is intended for classes of 1-6 people.

Instruction includes slide presentations, discussion, examples of animal tracks, trail patterns and sign - and most importantly, fieldwork to apply this knowledge to discovering what animals are active in your area.

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